Saracen Recovery Mash - 20kg
Saracen Recovery Mash - 20kg

Saracen Recovery Mash - 20kg

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Rehydration mash

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SUITABLE FOR: Horses & ponies post-competition performance to support optimum recovery Horses & ponies following intensive training sessions Horses & ponies that are sick or convalescing Horse & ponies in need of increasing thirst response

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Low starch, low sugar formulation based on “Super-Fibres” to support hindgut health Feed alongside any diet – no vitamins or minerals to cause nutritional imbalance Live yeast to support gut flora and stabilise the pH of the gut Vitamin E to support normal muscle function & recovery Quick soak in warm water within 5 - 10 minutes, or cold water in 10-15 minutes Encapsulated banana flavour to entice the fussiest of drinkers & feeders

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