Plusvital Hoofcare - 1 Ltr
Plusvital Hoofcare - 1 Ltr

Plusvital Hoofcare - 1 Ltr

Plusvital Hoof care ( Hoof Grease )
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Plusvital Hoofcare is designed for the daily protection of the horse’s hooves. The antiseptic properties help to protect the hoof against disease while the oils and resins form a barrier to lock moisture in. The horse’s hoof is a complex structure and it needs to be cared for so that it does not lose moisture and become vulnerable. As the hoof wall is approximately 25% water, undue evaporation from the horn can result in brittleness and lead to cracks and weaknesses. Plusvital Hoofcare is very versatile and can be used for both dry and wet conditions. * Protects the hoof from drying out * Keeps the horny structure of the hoof wall * Assists in the retention of water in the hoof wall * Provides a natural sheen to the hoof * Helps strengthen the hoof wall
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