Horze Hayball
Horze Hayball

Horze Hayball

Slow Feed Hayball
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The slow feed Horze Hayball is a great device, designed to keep your horse entertained and to make them work for their meal. Simply fill the ball with hay, screw on the lid and leave your horse to work out how to get it. This way of dispensing meals will encourage a natural grazing position and healthy eating patterns. The slow feed option means your horse will eat at a more natural pace. The ball can be used inside and out, and being spherical is easily pushed around and won’t get stuck. Keep your horse occupied with a fun new toy and enjoy all the additional benefits – winning all the way! Features: * Strong and robust, * Entertaining, * Promotes healthy eating, * Slow feed, * Helps prevent boredom, * Lightweight, * Playful, Technical description: 100% Plastic, Diameter – 38 cm, Hole size – 5.8cm.,
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