Hartlog Lucerene 18 kg
Hartlog Lucerene 18 kg
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Hartlog Lucerene 18 kg

The Hartog Lucernemix has been specially developed for the youngest calves. The Hartog Lucerne mix consists of young and freshly chopped alfalfa mixed with green harvested cut oats. The addition of molasses and vegetable oil ensures high palatability and improves the absorption of roughage in young calves.
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The Hartog Lucernemix is ​​a very fiber-rich product that stimulates the development of the rumen in the young calf. The high natural content of nutrients such as vitamins A, B, E, Biotin, minerals and trace elements improves resistance and stimulates healthy growth of the calf. -problematic start -optimum rumen development -healthy growth -tasty and easily digestible source of structure

Composition: The Hartog Lucerne mix recipe consists of freshly chopped alfalfa, mixed with green harvested cut oats. The addition of molasses with linseed oil provides extra palatability so that the calf easily learns to eat roughage. (70% lucerne, 15% green cutting oats, 10% molashine, 5% alexandrian clover)

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