Cavalor Equi Wash 500 ml
Cavalor Equi Wash 500 ml
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Cavalor Equi Wash 500 ml

  • Refreshing and nourishing shampoo
  • Cleans and nourishes for a radiant coat
  • With provitamin B5 and glycerine
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Cavalor Equi Wash is the ideal shampoo for pampering your horse on wash day. This pH neutral shampoo is gentle on the skin but tough on dirt. Cavalor Equi Wash rinses out easily and leaves the coat with a radiant shine. Cavalor Equi Wash is specifically formulated for horses. Its neutral pH value is gentle and hydrating



Human skin has a natural acidity of 4.0 – 5.5, but the optimum pH of equine skin is 7.0 – 7.4. Figure 1 shows that the use of products with low pH values (like shampoos for people) will cause moisture to be absorbed from the skin and result in skin that’s dry and flaky. Beaching agents have high pH values; they absorb the skin’s natural sebum, leaving it vulnerable to infections.



Wet the horse’s coat to remove loose hairs and dirt.
Use Cavalor Equi Wash directly on the coat, or add a small amount to lukewarm water and apply with a sponge.
Rinse out thoroughly.

Cavalor Equi Wash is enriched with provitamin B5 and glycerine. Provitamin B5 penetrates the roots and improves moisture balance. Hydrated hair looks thicker and more elastic, and will not break as easily. Glycerine works like a conditioner on the coat and gives hair strength, body, and natural shine.

Warning: For external use only


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