Equipalazone Sachets
Equipalazone Sachets

Equipalazone Sachets

Equipalazone Sachets Are An Oral Non-Sterodial Anti-Inflammatory For Use In Horses.
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Equipalazone® 1 g Oral Powder is indicated in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in horses and ponies where the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of phenylbutazone can offer relief, for example, in lameness associated with osteoarthritic conditions, acute and chronic laminitis, bursitis and carpitis, and in the reduction of post-surgical soft tissue reaction. Usage Details: Horses 450 kg (1000 lb) body weight: Two sachets to be administered twice on day one (equivalent to 8.8 mg/kg/day) followed by one sachet twice daily for four days (4.4 mg/kg/day), then one sachet daily or on alternate days sufficient to keep the horse comfortable (2.2 mg/kg/day). Ponies 225 kg (500 lb) body weight: One sachet (4.4 mg/kg/day) on alternate days. Adjust dose according to body weight. Discontinue treatment if no response is evident after four to five days treatment. Equipalazone 1 g Oral Powder should be mixed with a small quantity of feed. ( package - 100 sachets )
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